When I was just nine, I attended a school in Alexandria Virginia that taught Chinese to grade school students. I loved the process of copying the complex strokes of Chinese characters over and over again, and when my family moved to Japan in 1964 when I was twelve, I started practicing calligraphy in earnest. I bought myself a set of brushes and ink, and began practicing.

Ever since then calligraphy has been my great love.  My art collection concentrates strongly on calligraphy scrolls and screens. Whenever I have some spare time with friends, I get out a bottle of wine, some big brushes, inks of various colors, and begin painting.  Or writing.  I'm not sure what is the appropriate word, as sometimes it's the shape of the character, and other times it's the meaning that's uppermost in my mind. After a full night of playing with the brush, and lots of wine, a few special pieces emerge that I save.  The rest are rejected and used later for wrapping paper. The results are unpredictable you can never repair or repeat, each stroke of the brush is instantaneous and has a life of its own.


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